The Opera 101

Opera for Everyone

Whatever you've been told -- opera isn't hard or intimidating. Here we have only one rule: Enjoy yourself! Opera's a world filled with drama and excitement. We hope you come to love it as much as we do!

Opera ABCs

Baroque opera staging

Don't know your coloratura from your vibrato? What's this Baroque lark anyway? Our opera ABCs will set you straight!

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Matthew Rose, the Rake's Progress at Glyndebourne

Heading to an opera? Get fun facts, synopses, explanations, running times and so much more in our operas section.

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Giuseppe Verdi sketch

Who writes operas? Start with our timeline of great composers and then dive into our detailed guides to Puccini and Verdi.

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Opera only really takes shape in performance. There are many, many places where you can see and hear opera around the world. We've got calendars for London and New York, so you can find all the amazing shows that are going on around these great cities.

Vienna State Opera House Auditorium
Vienna State Opera House © Jiuguang Wang

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